Details Eating ST

The base board is made ​​for food. Per night they get dinner (soup, main course, dessert) and morning breakfast. Beverages such as beer, cola, coffee sums the operation extra and must be paid before departure.


At camp makes each meal for self. The ATV is equipped with gas stove, stainless cutlery and crockery. So you need only to have something like instant soup, noodles and tin, and for breakfast coffee and pastries. We will have to refuel after 2 days of driving, including fresh pastries brought in the store. A good tip … Special Adventure dishes … I can after desire for you order (is a CZ-company).


Common drinking water is important. Basically you can find many clean mountain spring. When renting an ATV 10 liter water canister is included (wash well as potable water and for cooking, washing up, face-hands).


A small amount of dish soap and a dishcloth is advisable. A good figure to do with the jack-knife and can opener.


But you do not tow with lots of food. Are you planning exactly what morning, evening, noon. Would be a shame to throw away everything in the bin afterwards.