ATV – Equipment

The rental ATVs are equipped with automatic gear, easy to operate. ATVs are well prepared and serviced. If you comply with the Tour Guide instructions, the tours are very safe and it does not face any damage to the body or material. The tips are also on the fly from Tour Guide distributed by radio (as for example “now L is connected, stone in the grass or more right driving”). Helmet with Haedset is inclusive. But if they want to bring your own helmet and use radio (which I highly recommend), they still install at home this headset. Is perfect for forward asking for help (the driver has spent in a bad situation and without help it is not), STOP general due to vehicle breakdown, because beautiful panoramic view + group photo etc. Is really great as a radio.



For rent are large 300cc ATV or alternatively 600-700cc 4×4 ATV




SMC Jumbo 300 on the way over mountain passes, the highest point
Col de la Bonette 2800 m (3 pieces)

GAMAX AX 300 on the way far beyond the Arctic Circle, furthest destination Nordkapp achieved (2 pieces)

SUZUKI King Quad 700, a reliable companion in the
4×4 tours (3 pieces)

GAMAX AX 600, a reliable companion in the
4×4 tours (4 pieces)


All ATVs are equipped by our PROTLUM chassis. The 300cc ATV are very easy to use and have a fuel consumption of about 6 liters. The 4×4 ATV on the other hand require powerful steering and operate with around 11 liters of petrol per 100km. However, for a beginner easy to use 300cc recommended (beginners + King Quad = 2 days after muscle fatigue. Hence, please do not have the big eyes and stick with easy to use 300cc).
You should before participating in our tour in their environment with ATV at least 4 hours in light off-road driving test! The tour guide can ban due to a driver tests during training participation! Reason: Impossible ATV safe to use, Perilous.

About ATVs, basic Spareparts, tool, conversions

  • Tour Guide Expedition ATV is well equipped by tool
  • Rental Expedition ATV are perfectly prepared and Spareparts ​​are available
  • Belts, Machette, ax, tire repair kits and other abundant
  • The rental ATV have many practical facilities, we have built and rebuilt after many years of experience
  • Operating losses we pay
  • Damage caused by accident + tipping + collision with the outside world + Tie Rod Bent you pay
  • Rough action + Irreparable tire punctures + CV Boot damages you pay
  • Incorrect transmission shifting penalty 20 EUR ( result on photo)
  • Gasoline paid every by self
  • For the Scout tour is also here:
  • Gas cans, water cans, tent, cutlery, set camping pots, gasoline stove, sleeping mat, camping chair
  • Deposit 500 EUR / ATV or by appointment


Features of ATVs for the Tour no. 6 in the image