Do not worry

The routes are chosen so that there is also a beginner’s possible to navigate safely. However, we will travel the highest road in Romania, we will ride the highest and longest mountain ridge of Romania, we will drive through the longest sections of forest in Romania. Every day you are coming from the experiences filled. The Tour has a total of 720 km. Performs Southern Carpathians (the heart of Transilvania) in heights up to 2200 meters above sea level.


The rental ATVs are equipped with automatic, easy to operate. ATVs are well prepared and serviced. If you comply with the Tour Guide instructions, the tours are very safe and it does not face any damage to the body or material.


Our ATVs are 4×4 600/700ccm. If the Groupe are more then 5 Persons, we use additionaly own special tuned 300ccm ATV, they are exactly same large, as 4×4 ATVs. May be on 2 place we need help them hill up. 99,9% of tour they go without problems.