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O = Booked
R = Reserved
F = Free
D = Not assigned
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CZ-Termine möglich 1.3.-20.10.2019, Bestellungen am besten 1 Woche vor.FFFFFFFFF
Tour Nr 2 14.9.2019RRRRRRRDD
RO-Termine 2020
Tour Nr 5 21.-28.6.2020FFFFFDDDD
Tour Nr 5 28.6-5.7.2020FFFFFDDDD

Booked Reserved Free Not assignable


Waiting List
If you are single, contact please people in folowing list:


- Appointment is only recognized when the money is posted on our Kto.
- If you are complette Group(4 and more person), Tour Nr 6 can be switch to Tour Nr 5
- On Tour Nr 5 can be 5 person’s (alternativ up to 11 person’s)
- If you need, i can create “Termin on Wish” (Tour Nr 5). Look price “Termin on Wish”. For example you are Group of friends, 4-11 Person’s, you write me email and ask me for possibility at this time you want. No problem, if you order to 31.12. year befor. Later is possible too, but i can have other program. Best way you ask me.


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