The Quad or ATV driving is very specific. It’s very different, for example how to is used by car, bicycle or motorcycle. The ATV is relatively narrow and high.
Influence these facts, that you get a complet new feeling when ATV riding. You do not have any first expect the worst all. In the curves, they are pushed to the outside of the curve and as a beginner before driving straight ahead, even if they do not want that. When driving purely in track, where as right lane is deeper as left (ie ATV leans to the right) make all beginners uncontrolled the handlebars to the right tear, no matter what is right (fence, wall, slope, tree, bushes), is crashed against or purely driven since (rollover is not exception) and there is blue spots on the body and damage to the ATV. That is the fact and was proved in our practice as a rental again (damages are summed and calculated).
Good news is that about 80% of our tenants cope with the unusual driving characteristics of the ATV after a few exercises with caution and the tours onroad and offroad understand easily without any major problems. Unfortunately, there is 20% of population, the non understand despite all our own effort and the drivability of the ATV within the Duration incl. Exercises. A dream tour, where equal and some juicy offroad sections were with ordered ends of harmless sites with a rollover and half an hour later. Like the dream is to horror and one no longer understands his own hands. In most cases, this means … “It does not distract” or “The handlebar came alone to the right”. Wrong. You decide where the handlebar has to be located. And even if we try next tenant persuade (Bloody Beginner) mean that they are to take at least the first 4-hour drive without terrain / gravel, they do not listen to us. Bad surprise comes faster as you think.
The tenant satisfaction is important to us but at heart. Tour No.1 and 2 Optional is possible to take pure or exclude Offroad sections. In the event that Bumpy paths are desired, participation in special training is mandatory before the start of the tour. The tour guide decides whether gravel is or not. Also proved that if the tenant wanted to have a lot of gravel original, has made ​​him driving on our beautiful landscape by asphalt narrow paths much more fun, as the gravel.